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Today, Poker has become an extremely popular game all over the world, with its international tournaments and stars. Moreover, thanks to the internet, anyone can now play Poker online in 2021 and become a legend among the great players! So to discover the best experience with online Poker, read this page carefully!

History of Poker

The ancient origins of Poker are not reliably identified. Some say that the game originated in Iran; others that it is an adaptation of the French game called brelan, or prime, which was very successful in Europe in the 16th century. Sailors would then have imported this game to America, where a more modern version of Poker was invented.

In the 19th century, Poker was played by cowboys and merchants, and the game remains directly associated with the image of the conquest of the West. It was also played on board steamboats, real floating casinos that sailed down the Mississippi.

There are now several variations of Poker: some are played with all the cards closed and private as the closed Poker, Badugi or Baducey. Others with a few cards in common for all players like hold’em poker or Omaha.

Features of the game of online Poker

Poker is not a game of pure chance, unlike craps, slots and baccarat. This means that it is difficult to determine your chances of winning before the start of a game. This is because chance is not the only factor that comes into play: your knowledge, experience and skills, as well as those of your opponents, also play an important role in determining the outcome of a game.
In Online Poker, unlike other games, the skill of the player is crucial to winning a game: being able to observe the behaviour of other players to guess their combinations and try to mislead them makes all the difference in a game.
But don’t forget: luck always wants its part!
So before you start playing online Poker, it is important to learn the rules of Poker and, therefore, the value of poker cards.

The most important combinations you can get with poker cards are:

Royal Flush

Straight Flush


Full House

Fundamental game types in poker rooms

There are multiple varieties of poker games available from online gambling operators. All of them have their own variations and specificity, as well as their techniques and strengths.

Therefore, it is not surprising that online Poker is so popular considering that all the types of Poker described below can be found on all the best payout online casino sites in Canada. The different games differ in rules and stakes, and while it may seem confusing at first, it’s actually very easy to learn. You can even play for fun, and some sites offer free online practice before you take the plunge.

Texas Holdem:

This poker modality appeared in the State of Texas (United States) at the beginning of the 20th century. However, its “boom” began in Las Vegas during the 70s. From that moment on, it was crowned as the most famous and played poker modality in the world.

The game is for a number of players from 2 to 10 preferably and the ranking of hands (from best to worst).

The game consists of getting a better combination of cards than your partners, with being 5 the final number of cards in the players’ hands.

Before starting to play, it will be decided who is the Dealer (the player who deals the cards) and automatically, the player on his left will have the Small blind position and the player on his left the Big blind position.


Omaha Poker is similar to Texas Hold’em except for 2 important differences: Players are dealt 4 cards face down instead of 2; Hands must be made up from 2 hole cards and 3 community cards.

7 Card Stud:

At the turn of the 20th century, 7 Card Open Poker surpassed 5 Card Poker as the most popular variety of Open Poker. However, it remains the most popular variety of Open Poker played around the world. The object of the game is to finish with the best hand and win the pot. From 2 to 8, players can play at the same time.

5 Card Draw:

It has 4 rounds of betting. It is the oldest variant of open Poker and is still a fun game for many players who consider themselves traditional. Two to eight players can play it at a time.

The history of video poker

It wasn’t until the 1970s that video poker was introduced and the first computers and consumer electronics. A computer screen and an information processing system were brought together to create a poker game. The game is played alone, much like a slot machine.

Less intimidating than a real game with experienced players, video poker is now widely played online and is very popular among poker enthusiasts.

The Steps of Video Poker

The steps in video poker are more or less the same: the bet, the cards and the confrontation.

Stage One: The Bet

This is a key moment, as you will be deciding on the amount you will bet. This step is a bit of a departure from traditional Poker. Traditionally, mandatory bets are placed on the gaming floor before players actually bet their chips in the two rounds of card dealing.

Stage Two: The Cards

In Video Poker, the machine deals you five cards. This is your hand. There are several key moments in this stage:

  – First, you can decide to keep your five cards.

  – But if one or more of your cards do not suit you, you can discard them.

  – Note that it is possible to get rid of all your cards!

  – If you have discarded one, several or all of the cards in your hand, the machine will redistribute the equivalent number of cards to you in a second draw

Step Three: The Showdown

This is the moment of truth. Your hand is pitted against the machine’s hand.

The hand you have is dealt. It is pitted against the machine’s hand. The stronger hand wins the bet.