Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction

It may also come as no surprise to many that more men than women suffer from gambling addiction – also known as compulsive gambling. This is because men gamble more on bets and sports games where there is a high level of excitement – and it is typically this excitement that can lead to gambling addiction. Around 700 Canadians are treated for gambling addiction every year, and the vast majority of them are under 25 and male.

A study by the Centre for Health Studies found that around 1.2% of male gamblers and 0.3% of female gamblers exhibit problem gambling behaviour. As in Canada, the group at the highest risk is men aged between 18 and 20. The Centre for Gambling Addiction can confirm that most people suffering from gambling addiction are men. In fact, as many as eight out of ten patients at the centre last year were male.

Are women simply more cautious when gambling? According to scientists of the Centre for Addiction, the preponderance of men who show symptoms of gambling addiction has to do with the fact that gambling is associated with macho culture.

Men love to be able to say they just won C$500 in an online poker tournament, for example. And, of course, fewer women get hooked on gambling simply because fewer women gamble in general. This may also be because the range of gambling products still appeals more to the male audience.

Women are more into slower-paced games and like to stay in the game for longer periods, whereas men are into fast-paced games. Often for a lot of money. And there are just more of those games.

Although there are twice as many men gambling as women, the gambling market is changing and opening up more to the female sex. In addition, more and more online casinos have woken up to the female audience and are designing their websites with women in mind.